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Covid 19 Ophthalmology for Animals - March 18, 2020

The Health Officers of Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties are requiring people to stay home except for essential needs until April 8.  The elderly and those with underlying health conditions MUST STAY HOME.  This is a critical intervention to reduce harm from the spread of coronavirus in our community.  This is a mandatory order enforceable by a fine or jail.

It is our primary goal to keep your pet healthy.   Your health and our health depend on this.  In order to keep everyone safe we must enforce some rules.

  1. We are closed for routine and non-essential appointments.
  2. We are open for emergencies, urgent cases and medication refills.
  3. No person should enter the building. We will meet you at your vehicle to bring your pet into the clinic.
  4. Please call us when you are here.
  5. No waiting in reception.

Stay Safe!

Genevieve Lavallee, DVM

dr lavallee

DVM, Montreal University

Dr. Lavallee received her veterinary degree from Montreal University in 2006. She returned to Montreal University to complete her small animal internship in 2007. Since then Dr. Lavallee has worked in emergency medicine in referral center in Montreal area. Last year she started an ophthalmology internship at the University of Saskatchewan. She will be starting her ophthalmology internship and residency with Dr. Gratzek August 1, 2019.

Outside of work Dr. Lavallee loves to travel and spend time with her husband and two children.

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